February 28th

Celebrating my birthday skiing, spa-ing and dining at my favorite restaurant with friends.

March 1st-3rd

Park City Birthday Party Weekend with my BFF Christina Morassi

March 12th and 14th

Sharing my 5 Secrets to End Yo’ Money Drama-Get off the Feast or Famine Rollercoaster Teletraining Series: amandamoxley.com/endyomoneydrama/call

March 21 – April 18th

Teaching my Sell Out End Yo’ Money Drama- 5 Weeks to Get off the Feast or Famine Rollercoaster  Class.

Mid April – July 2013

Living in Hawaii with my family.

May 2013 – July 8, 2013

Hosting VIP Coaching Days in breathtaking Kauai, Hawaii (email me for more details)

October 2013

Hosting a LIVE and in person High-Energy, Content-Packed 3 days of AWESOME entrepreneurial training and IMMERSION in your new Wealth Consciousness Live Event!

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