Every Autumn, my motherly home cooking instincts kick in.  You can find me harvesting local goodies at the farmer’s market Saturday morning and then laboring in the kitchen all weekend long.  I’ve canned over 70 pounds of heirloom tomatoes as marinara sauce and sliced tomatoes; made apricot jam from our tree as well as preserved beets, zucchini, peppers, apple sauce and more for the winter!  I love it.

Now is also the best time to refocus on your body goals for 2010 and then make a super focused effort to step into your Ultimate Body like you always dreamed you would.  (By the way, you really CAN have your dream body — I’m not joking!)  If you are ready for your Ultimate Body, you’re invited to join me next Monday for a *free* teleclass on how to get your Ultimate Body in 2010! Click here to register! http://www.amandamoxley.com/ultimate/

~Have a beautiful day my friends~

In Love and radiance,


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