By Amanda Moxley

In the wake of the Haiti earthquake, life as we know it crumbles to nothingness.  Miracles and despair happening simultaneously.  At the end of the day, who are you?  You have lost your home, your clothes, your books, jewels, shoes, treasures, clutter, food, family and all possessions.  There you are alone but alive with no place to call home but your own body and Soul.

We have to realize that this could happen to any of us at any given second.   We are not guaranteed to live tomorrow nor today.  Yet, we take the precious gift of our lives and our Souls’ evolution for granted.  We put things off until tomorrow, or say “someday” we will do it…. when really our spirit is telling us to do it now.  It’s time to start listening to the whispers of your soul.  If not now, when?

Who are you being today?  What are you waiting for? What are you hiding from?  Today is the only day you have, right now.  Life has started to stir up; things we thought were sound are not; the economy leaves many unemployed and worried about security and living in scarcity; mother Earth is cleansing herself of the incessant pollutants and contaminants she’s endured for years; lies and deceit are being uncovered.  The spotlight is on!  Life is getting a little unpredictable and exciting.  At the end of the day, who are you?

We are going through a purification process which gives us the challenge and the gift to look within and discover who we truly are at the core.

World events like the Haiti quake are bringing us together as ONE.  Mother Earth’s heart chakra has opened.  We are all interconnected.  We can all feel their pain, sadness, despair and we are asked to be compassionate, generous and loving.

I think we could live every day of our lives feeling the interconnectedness between every man, woman, child and animal on the planet.  We are sharing the same air, soil, and sun.  What I think, speak and do affects you and every being around me.  I envision a world where we all rise up in LOVE for ourselves and one another.

First we have to start with the mirror.

Love yourself, be good to yourself, treat yourself to real, whole, live food from the Earth, rest your body, exercise, breathe deeply, feel your emotions, be real, be true.

Forgive yourself.  Forgive others. Let things go!

Realize who you are and then stand firmly with your feet rooted in the ground and your arms in the air in the truth of your being.

Bless every one of us!

If you are feeling scared and unsure of who you are (I’ve been there!), please allow me to help!  My 21 days to Feel Hot and Healthy program will teach you how to breathe, feel, heal, love your body, come alive, listen, honor and trust your intuition and Soul’s infinite wisdom (losing weight and feeling hot and healthy is a by-product [bonus] of the inner journey!)  🙂

Love and brilliant blessings,


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