Our bodies do not have free will! It is our spirits and our minds that have free will.  Our bodies contain Divine Intelligence that it shares with us every moment of every day.  Recently, I was speaking to a client who was in terrible shoulder and neck pain.

When I asked what her body was trying to tell her and she started to acknowledge the emotions behind that pain, her body started to release that pain.  So what’s your body trying to share with you? How is your Soul trying to get your attention via your body?

Let’s ask our body and Soul some questions to discover something new about ourselves.  All awareness about ourselves can only create a deeper, richer, more fulfilling life.

Setting the Stage to Communicate with Your Body

  • Locate a pain or a body part that you are in conflict with
  • Take a deep breath and repeat these words: “Divine Intelligence, activate the unconditional love in my heart.”
  • When you feel that activation (which can feel like an opening of the chest or a relaxation), repeat these words: “Divine Intelligence, I offer this unconditional love to (name the pain or the body part).”

Ask and Hear

Now, tune into that body part or where the pain is and ask the following questions :

  • Questions for Pain
    • “What is this pain trying to communicate to me?”
    • “What is my Soul trying to share with me via this pain?”
    • “What do I get to let go of or accept to release the pain?”
  • Questions for Conflict with a Body Part
    • “Why do I dislike this part of my body?”
    • “How can my Soul help me feel better about this body part?”
    • “What do I get to let go of or accept to co-create with this body part?”

Ain’t No Body But Me

Our bodies are a mirror of how we think and feel inside.  If you commit yourself to listening and loving your body, it will reflect that back at you.

Jennifer Urezzio is the founder and spiritual director of Know Soul’s Language – a new paradigm to create a conscious connection with your Soul for success. She is also the founder and facilitator of the Business of Soul Telesummit – Bringing Leaders Together To Help You Create Your Grand Masterpiece. This complimentary telesummit brings close to 50 leaders together to provide tangible tools to creating the life that you desire. You can learn more and secure your virtual place at: http://www.knowsoulslanguage.net/businessofsoulsummit.

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