By Amanda Moxley (This is an article I wrote in March of 2008 . I hope it helps you on your journey!)

Do you ever feel fat? The other day in yoga I was feeling like I had gained some weight… this fat feeling was enough to pull me out of my yoga practice/ meditation and start beating myself up and then physically touching my newly acquired muffin top. I am not kidding!

I decided not to beat myself up about it and instead, I chose to take this opportunity to share with you some powerful coping strategies for the next time you get hit by the fat stick.

Step #1 Notice that you feel fat, then notice what kinds of thoughts you are saying to yourself. Most likely they will be negative, mean and judgmental. Such as “you are fat”, “you look bad”, I am sure you can feel in the blanks now.

Step #2 Stop and breathe and focus on the big picture. What is it that you really want? Example: “I want to feel hot and healthy and confident in my body.” “I want to stop beating myself up.”

Step #3 Shower your body with loving, compassionate, sweet, soothing thoughts and words. Such as “I love you”, “thank you”, “you are beautiful”, “thank you for protecting me”, “everything is going to be all right.” Be a loving, kind mother to yourself. This is a very important step! Don’t slack off here!

Step #4 Practice loving self-care!

Here are some of my ideas to instantly help you feel better:

1. Notice your breath and then take a few deep nourishing breaths
2. Take a bath
3. Go outside and connect to nature, even if it is a blade of grass growing out of the sidewalk on a busy NYC street
4. Look at the sky and remember the big picture
5. Eat or drink something healthy-water, avocado, brown rice
6. Sing a song
7. Laugh out loud for one minute
8. Give thanks– have an attitude of gratitude
9. Get a hug from someone
10. Do a yoga pose that feels good in your body

Step # 5: Once you have made yourself feel better make a personal power plan and stick to it! Example:  “I intend to exercise more, cut out sugar, dairy, alcohol and bread for a few days. I intend to ride my bike and do yoga five times this week. ” Just make a plan and commit!

Step # 6: If nagging negative thoughts creep in, repeat Step #4 until you feel better and then recommit to your personal power plan.

Best of luck and remember you are not your body, you are your SOUL!

Radiantly yours,

Amanda Moxley
Body and Soul Coach

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