By Amanda Moxley
My intention for sharing this is to WAKE YOU UP to the sacredness of your precious human life.  

I spent the weekend
on my Grams’ death bed. On Saturday, hospice gave her 24 hours to live.

We were all by her bedside immediately, holding her hand, whispering “I love you” into her ear telling her thank you and good bye.  I rubbed noses with her like the Eskimos and kissed her and held her in the light.  She was alert and looked at me with her big blue eyes and told me she loved me. We sang old songs and rehashed funny memories.  We laughed and we cried.

Grams was FUN! She was warm, generous, kind and would do anything for anyone.  She loved me unconditionally and tirelessly.  I spent every summer with her growing up on the beaches of Avalon, New Jersey.  We were closer than close;  I could tell her anything.  She was a good loving person who loved dessert.  She loved to laugh so hard that she would pee her pants.

Grams and Sawyer on her 88th

She also worried a lot about EVERYTHING. She had crazy anxiety.  She didn’t really TRUST life.  She lived her life in her head – always worrying about something.

Grams was a Catholic.  The Priest came to read her the last rites.  It was a spiritual and beautiful ceremony in which he shared that the Angels, Saints and God himself would meet her at the gates of heaven and that all would be forgiven. He anointed her with oils and blessed her.  A few hours later, she passed peacefully into the light.

I imagined myself o
n my death bed and what it would be like to look back at all of the years lived.  As she lay there, I vowed to myself to look back on my life with no regrets and with an absolute assuredness that I had done all that I wanted to do, stretched beyond my HIGHEST potential, lived the most ultimate life of LOVE, health, abundance, service, travel and JOY.

This is for you!

You create your life.  You create your exact experience in every breathing moment.  Your precious human life is a GIFT to be cherished and played full out.

Do you really think that you made it into this world and were given a body to trash and to hate yourself and to be your worst enemy?  To live in doubt and fear and lack and worry?

Do you really think you were an embryo in your mother’s dark womb for 9 months, made it through the birth canal, childhood, adolescence, the teen years and now adulthood to live a mediocre life? I hope NOT!

No, You were meant for GREATNESS!

You were born to have it ALL!

It is your birth rite to claim your LIFE by the horns and LIVE IT freely and completely.

Never let anything STOP you from being, doing or having EVERYTHING that you desire.

That means never say these words again: “I’d love to BUT” or “I can’t afford it” or “I’ll do it next year.”

You are the only one STANDING in your OWN WAY. Yes, you.  Are you taking 100% responsibility for your body, the love in your life, your bank account, your freedom and your joy?

If no, then who is living your life?

Are you worshiping your fears or your DESIRES?

Tell me, what is one thing you are going to do differently TODAY now that you have received this wake up call?

Is there someone you need to call?
Do you need to quit your toxic job?
Do you need to fall deeper into LOVE with yourself?
Do you need to start exercising and eating well?
Do you need to communicate more effectively to your partner?

Write down the #1 thing you must do right now to start living your life full out so that you don’t look back on your death bed and say “I wish I had.”

Please take this to heart. This is a gift from my Grams to you.

Wake up and live because you can.




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