Dear Friends!

Happy New Year to YOU! There is something so compelling, exciting and fresh about a new year. Can you feel it?  Who do you want to be this year?  What are your biggest and brightest dreams, goals and visions for your body and life in 2011? Since it’s an 11 year, I think everything needs to be a level 11!

Are you ready to get over your food issues and play big this year?

For me, feeling FREE from the body and food dramas I was obsessed with for many years has totally transformed my life. Can you imagine how much energy you will gain once you let go of all of your food and body obsessions?  (Hint: Total Freedom!)

Now is the time to Detox, Cleanse and Purify to Make Space for the New!

Are you ready to?:

  • Erase 8-24 pounds
  • Move toxins out of your body
  • Get off the sugar roller coaster ride
  • Shed excess, unwanted fat
  • Add quality years to your life by restoring your internal organs
  • Understand emotional eating patterns
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Have a spiritual awakening as you become present to your Spirit
  • Feel HOT and healthy 365 days a year

If you desire all of this, you can have it! Join me and an amazing, energetic group of women  on the same journey in the Beautiful Woman Emerging Program which kicks off January 18th.

I can’t wait to make YOUR New Year a level 11!

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