As 2011 winds down, it’s a magical time. Time to take stock of your accomplishments — and also time to shut the door and say “buh-BYE!” to the things you will no longer accept as OK in your life.

Things like…

giving your services away for free and not charging what you are worth…

…drama and negative feelings over every purchase or investment when you know you should be able to have what you desire and deserve…

financial struggle and money worries that keep you up at night, even though you have been working so hard…

Of course the question then becomes: what would you rather have in 2012? It’s time to dream BIG.


So how would you like…

More than enough income from your health coaching or other service business to support you and invest in yourself at the level you dream of?

Plenty of quality time to spend with your family, or for travel and other activities that are most important to you?

Getting your message and story out to the world in new and powerful ways that heal more people and the planet?

No more financial stress, so that joy and peace of mind are the “new normal” in your life?

Think it can’t happen for you in 2012? It CAN.

Here’s what happened to me just this past year when I said goodbye to my financial struggle and being out of my power. I went from my personal rock bottom and having $200 to my name to…

I made $54,000 in 6 weeks (after making Amanda on ABC.$50,000 in all of 2010!!)

Selling $5,000 to $10,000 health coaching packages consistently

…Written up in Healthy Utah Magazine as one of the most influential women in business in Utah!

3 TV appearances in the last month with more to come

.. Invited to speak as a guest nutrition expert on countless international teleseminars

Doubled my list

…Helping lots of health coaching clients while having plenty of time to enjoy my husband and son…

…Sharing my passion for health and nutrition with the world through my international newsletter

Working with ideal clients I love, who implement the coaching, get the results and are therefore happy to invest thousands of dollars for a private 1 day intensive with me…

Travelling the world on luxury retreats with my coach and colleagues (no longer having to say I’d love to but I don’t have the money) check out the pic of me in Tuscany!

Making a real difference on the planet, while living a six-figure lifestyle and loving it!

I so want this for you, too.

But I didn’t do it alone, and neither can you.

That’s why I’m offering my new program to walk you through exactly how I did it, so you can have this same level of abundance… and the power to heal your money story, your clients and the planet. Go here:

Why am I doing this? I’m so grateful that I’m bursting to pay it forward and share my success. And also, I am committed to helping even more people and I can only do so much on my own. That’s where you come in.

Ready to find out more? Go here:

Hurry, you want to kick off 2012 in the direction of your dreams so we can harness the energy of the new year to launch your success!

Book your complimentary strategy session this week with me here to harness the energy of the new year.

Radiantly yours,


NOTE: This program is not for everyone. It’s only open to a few women (and two spots have already been taken) who are really ready deep in their souls to say “goodbye” to their old small thinking and “hello” to a new level of visibility, joy and financial freedom this year

Yes, there will be work – but I’ll be with you every step of the way…and aren’t the results above worth it?

Book your complimentary strategy session with me here!

6 Figures in 6 Months - The Healthy Way

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