I imagined that money was my LOVERAbout a year ago, I start imagining that money was my LOVER and that we were in a long term, committed passionate and HOT relationship. In Napoleon Hill’s classic book, Think and Grow Rich he says something like ….money is shy and timid and wants to be seduced, won over and claimed. Napoleon Hill of course was writing for a man.

So, I switched it over to money was a man who wanted to CLAIM me. Who wanted to seduce me. Who wanted to wine and dine me. Who wanted to be intimate with ME. He loved me and would do anything from me.

He’d vanish with out even a kiss good bye.This was quite a reframe to my previous beliefs that money never wanted to be with me. That old money lover was a one night stand kinda guy, a real lover and leaver. He’d be with me one night and then the next morning he’d vanish with out even a kiss good bye. I never trusted him and he certainly didn’t trust me. It was a love hate drama that kept me up in the middle of the night tossing and turning in fear that I would not be able to make it financially.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I felt like a Queen.Reframing my relationship to money in this way created a profound shift in my abundance (read money flows) and ability to receive. I felt like a Queen. I felt revered. I felt rare and beautiful, worthy and adored. I could lean back and allow myself to receive with pleasure, with ecstasy and JOY!

What a change in consciousness this was indeed! Oh and it certainly went against everything I was taught about money and pleasure. It was uncomfortable. It made me grow and stretch and believe in a world that never existed.

My affirmation was “I am being claimed, loved and adored by money.” It worked, if you’ve been with me awhile you know that I experienced a quantum leap financially and in my life over the past two years. Behind the scenes, I’ve been diligently consistently reprogramming my mind to match the vision on my “Dream Board.” I’ve also taken big risks and big actions to go for what I’ve desired.

I’d love to see you do the same!

This week, start relating to your money as if you are one hot to trot sought after BABE who wants to be claimed, loved and adored by money.

Feel it in your bones! If you are open, you may even feel your root chakra (energetically located at your tail bone) open and expand with energy and power. It may feel tingly and alive. (That’s the way it feels for me anyway.) Be open!

This week’s feature ezine video was lovingly inspired by my Money Lover.

You can watch it here.

Then it’s your turn to ask your money lover what will make him happy!

I’ve got more of this JUICY goodness for you in store for you in next week’s End Yo’ Money Drama – How to get off the Feast-or-Famine Roller-Coaster Once and For ALL no cost training call.

Be there or be square! See you on the call!

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