You’re invited to join me for a *free* teleclass series for Awakening Women around the globe – “Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series” as a gift to you and our planet to help us unite, collaborate, heal and courageously move forward into the light.

The world is waiting for you to step into the LIGHT and to SHINE your light on all of the world. To uplift yourself first and then radiate your light like a gigantic sunbeam onto everyone you know.  You are divine!  When you empower yourself, you naturally lift everyone up around you.

It starts with YOU!

Now is the time to get out of your own way, just move to the side and allow the LOVE, HEALTH, JOY and PURPOSE to flow through you.

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Call dates and times:

Call #1 Awakening to Your True Purpose
On this call you will learn:

·    Open up to sacred space for your SOUL awakening with a very special ceremony led by my friend and colleague Andrea Bernstein, master shamanic energy medicine practitioner, healer and teacher

·    Learn how to tell if your feminine energy is out of balance and how to open up to receiving, allowing, being, trusting and enjoying your life rather than pushing and struggling to make things happen

·    Why being a sensitive, highly feeling person is actually your greatest gift and how to use this gift to step into your purpose

·    How to move out of fear, self doubt, criticism, worry etc AND move deeper into love

·    Be inspired, motivated and ready to get out of your own way and let the goodness flow through you

·    Feel a sense of peace and safety in allowing your purpose to unfold, thanks to a beautiful meditation led by my friend Jennifer Urezzio, master intuitive, author, speaker and teacher

·    Visualize everything you desire then say “YES” to your VISION and open up the gateway to receiving it all

·   Identify your “upper limits problem” and look at the different ways you sabotage your light

·   Learn how to get unstuck and start living in your Genius Zone, enjoy some juicy coaching tips from me and my Intuition and Image Styling coach, Auretha Callison

·    Increase the amount of joy you are willing to experience in your WHOLE life.

Call # 2  Raising Your Frequency with Food
Thursday September 23rd at  6 MST (that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

Call # 3  The SOUL Root of Emotional Eating
September 28th at  6 MST (that’s 8PM EST, 5PM PST, 7PM CST)

You don’t want to miss these ground breaking calls;  however if you can’t make it live, I’ll send you the mp3 audio right away.

These calls are FREE for a limited amount of time and will be made available for sale as part of the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series product launch.  Each call is valued at $47 so be sure to mark your calendar and be on the calls or listen to the audio right away so that you don’t miss out on the SOUL inspiring and unique message I’ll be sharing with you.

Join me this September for the Ultimate You, Ultimate Life Training Series! Click here for FREE registration and to reserve your spot!

In love, gratitude and radiance,


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