These are the  exact steps I used to transform my wealth consciousness from having $200 in the bank in February to making over $54,000 in 6 weeks and then to go on to pass the 6 figure mark a few months later.

Having a strong wealth consciousness is essential to creating a healthy 6 figure business but sadly 97% of us are walking around living in lack, fear, scarcity and not-enoughness consciousness. Where’s your headspace?

The TRUTH is….you are sourced, fueled and funded by a renewable resource which is within you. It never runs out, it is your essence, it’s your life! You are  the ONLY one blocking you from your good! Claim your good this now!

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If you’re ready to ROCK it out in 2012 then let’s do it!

Imagine making 6 figures by June 2012  by sharing your love and light with the world by getting your gifts out! You can! If I can do just that, why NOT you?

Here’s a special video message from me!

Radiantly yours,


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