My baby Sawyer has a fever and a cold which breaks my heart. I feel so blessed because this is only the 3rd time in his short life of 2 years that he has been sick, nonetheless it still hurts to see my baby in discomfort.

But this article is for YOU today! How are you doing on manifesting your BEST body in 2011? What have you accomplished thus far this week? I’ve given you some really powerful tips the past 4 days that I hope you are taking inspired ACTION on! If no, what’s stopping you? And maybe I can help you get from where you are  to where you want to be in one of my programs like my exciting new “Beautiful Woman Emerging” 2011 program. Drop me a line and let me know how I can best support you, okay?

Are you ready to go deep with me in today’s tip because that’s where we are headed!

Let’s talk about your inner dialogue around your body and food. I want you to pull out your journal and answer these 3 questions asap.

1. What are the thoughts you continually think and speak out loud about your body? Your legs, thighs, hips, booty, belly, chest, arms, face and hair? Write them all down. Many of these thoughts will be completely unconscious meaning you have no idea you are saying or thinking them. Write down at least 25 of the thoughts you continually think and speak.

2. What are the thoughts you continually think and speak about the foods you eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, drinks, deserts, dinner and late night snacks? Example: “I shouldn’t eat that” or “this food will make me fat” or “I can’t eat that” or “I’m being bad” etc. Please write down at least 25 different thoughts you repeatedly think about the food you eat.

3. What are the thoughts you continually think about the thought of exercising (aka conscious movement) and the thoughts you think about your body while you are exercising? Example: “I don’t want to work out today, I think I’ll just skip it” or “I can’t find any exercise I like” or “I’m the biggest one in this class” or “I am tired” or “I am lazy”. Please write down at least 25 different thoughts you repeatedly think about exercise and your body.

Why am I asking you to do this, you ask? I am asking you to do a deep dive into your inner mental dialogue because thoughts become things!

I studied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for years while getting my masters degree in Social Work and what I learned is that our thoughts become our beliefs and our beliefs become our reality. A belief is only a THOUGHT you keep thinking. In order to manifest your BEST body this year, we have to dig up the soil and do some major weeding on a moment to moment basis until the soil of your mind is rich, plentiful, gorgeous and ready for you to sew your new seeds of manifestation.

Can you commit to answering these three questions and doing it 100%? If your answer is “YES” then I know you want this badly and you will be successful. What’s your CHOICE?

Let’s get cracking! I’ll be back tomorrow with the next step in this process so be sure you get this done today, okay?

Have a beautiful January day!

In Love and Radiance,


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