Tip # 4 Manifest Your Best Body in 2011: 30 Foods for FAT Loss

Whole foods nutrition is fundamental to manifesting your BEST body in 2011. What’s your diet like today? How are you nourishing your body? Are you eating junk food, sugary comfort breads, salty chips, sugar, caffeine and alcohol more than 80% of the time? There is no judgment here, only awareness please! The good news is you can change in a heart beat if you let yourself.

Now it’s time to pull the reins in and get back on track to healthy eating, exercising and feeling HOT for life! Here are a list of my favorite foods that shed fat and keep you slim and sleek!

1) Water-drink at least 80 ounces a day!

2) Lemons and limes-squeeze lemons and limes on everything!

3) Oatmeal-great fiber and an excellent way to start your day.

4) Quinoa-a high protein ancient grain.

5) Pomegranates

6) Kale

7) Blueberries

8) Carrots

9) Goji berries

10) Almond Butter

11) Apples

12) Avocados

13) Live green juice

14) Squash-all varieties

15) Yams (help curb sweet cravings!)

16) Papaya

17) Pineapple

18) Spinach

19) Ginger-adds heat to stir fry and fresh live juice

20) Tomatoes

21) Coconut Butter

22) Sprouts

23) Black beans

24) Red lentils

25) Purple rice

26) Rainbow chard

27) Peppermint Tea

28) Fennel-a great spice to use after you’ve eaten a big meal

29) Pumpkin Seeds

30) Garbanzo beans

Pick out a few of these foods and start incorporating them into your diet today!

Perhaps you’ve never heard of these foods and don’t know how to get started or maybe you know all about these foods but just can’t seem to commit to enjoying them on a daily basis, in any case, I am here for  you!

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