Tip # 3 Manifest Your Best Body: Are you getting any?

Do you feel heard and supported with your 2011 BEST body dreams and goals? I’m willing to bet that you keep your BODY goals and dreams pretty close to your heart. I believe that your relationship with your food and body is your most intimate relationship of all time. Do you tell anyone what you really think about your body or what you are thinking while you are eating your food?

The problem is you can become isolated in your own mind, looping through the same repetitive negative thoughts and behaviors which leave you exactly where you are right now, STUCK in a body you don’t love or even like!

I cycled through that same negative body hating path for an entire decade before I reached out for support and when I did, the walls came down!

Hiring my coach was the turning point in my food and body journey which ultimately put me where I am today- loving, trusting and respecting my body, guiding amazing clients to love their bodies through food and inner work,  LOVING my soul mate of 11 years, being a conscious mamma, traveling and living the life of my dreams!

As you can see, getting support, being heard and cheered on by someone who sees you for who you really ARE is essential to success. It’s the difference between “just getting by” and THRIVING with ecstatic joy!

How do you want to live in 2011 because this is YOUR year! That’s why every super star from Oprah to Bill Gates to Gold Medal Olympic Athletes have a coach or mentor bringing out their best and not letting them settle for less than their dreams!

But you have to value yourself and believe in yourself first, which can be the hard part if you have been looping through negative thoughts and self sabotaging patterns for decades, like I was!

line in the sandSo, you have to make the decision and draw the line in the sand and stand up to the Universe and say “I’m done with THIS old way of being once and for all! I’m ready to be free and happy and to love my life! I’m sick of the old and I’m committed to doing whatever it takes to get my best body and to start living the life of my dreams!”

Feel the power in those words!

Don’t just read this ezine, actually do something about it. This email today has the potential to change everything for you! You can look back to this day as the day when your entire life changed, if you let it!

I am so committed to helping as many women as I can be free from the chains of body-hate and the misuse of precious creative energy wasted on body and food obsession! It’s time to get over it and turn the creative energy within you (the same energy that creates worlds) into what YOU TRULY DESIRE. Don’t you think?

If this resonates with you, or with any women you know, I’m asking you to pass this email along then join me for my Encore call on “Letting YOUR Inner Beauty Out” tomorrow night, Tuesday January 4th at 5:30 MST (7:30 EST) and you will learn:

-How to set yourself up in 2011 to have your best body ever
-5 secret steps you must take to get your best body in 2011
-The foods your body needs to be fit, healthy and happy for life
-A guided visualization to meet your Beautiful Woman Self

Register here: https://amandamoxley.com/innerbeauty/

I hope  you liked today’s manifest your BEST body tip in 2011. I really believe that getting support and being heard is absolutely essential to your success. Your life is too precious and short to not be living and loving full out. Don’t you think? I believe we are here to help one another and if I’m in pain and someone ahead of me knows the short cut to freedom, I’m in! How about you?

Have a gorgeous blissful night, drawing the line in the sand!

In Love and Radiance,


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