“When I decided to work with Amanda I had NO idea how it would catapult my life and business forward! Before the call was over, she was still talking about bonuses and I was entering my card number. We had $784 in the bank. I stated to my husband that I had only come out of the room to get the debit card. I was going to do this. He looked concerned to say the least. We have 8 kids, he just had shoulder surgery and the disability checks are meager to say the least. Like I said $784 in the account, NO savings, no credit cards this was it! I paid $500 that day, because I couldn’t bare to spend it ALL on myself….Best investment EVER!


That day I made $210 dollars! Then the money just started rolling in! 2 days later I paid the full balance. And as to date have made OVER $3000!


I just sold my 1st $2000 coaching package and my client kept saying thank you, to me!

And that’s not all of it! The day after I made the decision and invested the down payment…. I woke up 5 pounds lighter!

Just because I said yes!

Amanda is a powerhouse at holding space for you to become your best and I am DEEPLY grateful for her!  It just keeps getting better, I started at 230, and am now 220! Woohoo!! Any doubts have completely left the building! And the excess pounds will follow leaving behind only the blessing of her insightful leadership! Leaving me leaner, lovelier, and richer for it! In every way!! Thank you Amanda, I can’t say it enough!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Leilani Higham

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