Today’s a big day, no doubt you feel it. I was thinking about you and felt inspired to write and share with you because today is a BIG day!

Johnn and I decided to go within today and meditate and pray and be quiet. I tend to shy away from anything that big masses of people are doing. I zig when they zag. How about you? No biggie whatever you decide to do, but as the world stands in the shadow of the eclipse, it’s time to go within, into the darkness of your own soul.

Take a look around. Are you happy with the life you’re living? “If you knew what life was worth, you would look for yours on Earth. So now you see the LIGHT,” Words of Bob Marley.

Eclipses and new moons are a potent time to SHED what you are no longer available for. As well as make decisions and commitments to what you are CLAIMING.

What you are living right now is a result of your “normal” and what you expect.

Thus, the cycle continues and you keep repeating the same old results, year after year. Maybe you’re comfortable. Maybe you want more.

But if you’re an entrepreneur:

  • You are at war with yourself.
  • You have to slay your dragons.
  • Put your foot down to what is acceptable and what is unacceptable.
  • Stop tolerating.
  • Start living in the over flow of abundance.
  • Because you can.

You get whatever your predominant feelings, thoughts and emotions are focused upon.

Don’t like your results? Change your emotional and mental focal point on what YOU DO WANT.

You were born for such a time as this.

You weren’t created and given this precious human life to live in struggle town and frustration.

Being a human is a gift. You are the only life form that has the ability to ORIGINATE THOUGHT.

Yet, most of us are regurgitating the same thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs that are lodged in your DNA. And thus repeating the same cycle over and over and getting the same results (that you don’t want anymore). How is that ok?

You can change that.

I encourage you today, August 21st 2017 to draw the line in the sand.

Make some decisions.

Make some commitments for yourself.

For your life.

For the world you wish to create, live in and leave to your children and grandchildren.

For me, I am deciding to claim my inherent worthiness. To own the fact that I am epic-ally amazingly awesome as a channel of the Divine to dispense my gifts for the good of all. It’s not bragging or being better than others. It’s about maturing and owning my awesomeness and power as a creator and transformer of light.

And as you shift within, the world around you matches and gives you what you believe you deserve and you know in your bones you are worth.

What are you deciding?

This is a sacred day. Tap into the magic of it. Use it to dream a new you and new world.

I’m with you.

P.S. Watch this space for an incredible all new free training I’m creating for YOU next week. Deets coming later this week.

P.P.S My son Sawyer started his 3rd grade year at Waldorf today and Phoebe starts kindergarten next Monday. We had such an epic fun summer! I’m so excited to dive deep back into my “work” and share it with you. I’ve got some really good stuff in the works that you are going to LOVE!

P.P.P.S Reply back and let me knowwhat’s frustrating you the MOST in your business right now.

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