This year, one of my goals is to follow the “yum diet.” The yum diet is eating and enjoying any and all foods that solicit the yummy feelings and sensations and delights of delicious food. It’s as simple as that. If your not oooing and ahhing and completely delighted when you’re eating then don’t waste your time! Eat the foods and drinks that really bring you joy and satisfaction.

In times past, I’d resign not to eat sugar, or bread or cookies. If you’ve ever done this, you know that when you try to give something up, you tend to give it power. Then your craving for that food intensifies so much that’s all that you can think about. Then you find yourself over indulging in the forbidden food. After years of trying to give up “bad” foods, I’ve resigned to eat what feels good and brings me pleasure.

The beauty of the yum diet is that some day’s you want to eat brown rice and kale and other days you want to eat fish taco’s and chips or you may want to snack on chocolate. On the yum diet, as long as your happy and feel good about what you’re eating, your body and mind will feel good too.

The yum diet is the best diet because you get to simply enjoy your food without guilt, fear or anxiety that you’ll gain weight or get sick. This is the year to get in touch with your body.

On the yum diet, you learn to listen to, trust and respect your body thus empowering you in ways you never dreamed were possible. For example, you won’t need to try any more fad diets, or compare your way of eating to your friends.

Sometimes I get in the habit of eating chocolate or a cookie every day. I realized that I was eating them out of habit not because I really loved them. The chocolate didn’t bring me joy or make me go yum instead it made me anxious that I was going to gain weight. Maybe you can relate? Do you habitually eat a food or drink wine or coffee because you think you like it? Ask yourself next time you’re eating a habitual food, “does this really bring me pleasure?” If the answer is no, don’t eat it! If you answered yes, then enjoy it to the fullest!

The yum diet gives you the freedom to get rid of the foods that don’t make you go “yum” and replace them with foods that make you jump for joy!

This week focus on adding in more foods that bring you joy and make you squeal with glee! At least one meal a day get vocal about the yumminess of your food. It’s really fun to yum your way through a meal. It’s contagious too or you could really annoy someone 🙂 but at least you’re enjoying your food and feeling free!


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