Dear beautiful reader,

I have been bursting at the seams to share this with you and today is the day!

I have gathered 8 amazing, powerful, healthy, happy and super- successful 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs (including ME!) in a No-Cost Virtual training series to share their secrets about attaining and maintaining Ultimate Wealth and Ultimate Health – just for YOU!

Happening February 13th- 22nd.

This training is all about helping you get out of your own way, so you can receive all the financial abundance and physical vibrancy that is rightfully yours.

ALL will be revealed by these experts about how YOU can:

  • discover and align with your purpose…
  • banish negative beliefs about money…
  • allow yourself to receive the money you deserve…
  • find balance in the way you treat your body and your spirit…and your bank account
  • …And MORE!

There was a time when I struggled with these kinds of things, and boy, did it show in my bottom line and ON my body. And I know so many people today (maybe you?) are in that same painful place right now.

Go HERE to register now!

I’m especially excited to be joining the other 7 amazing speakers. Each of us is covering a topic that’s in our own “zone of genius“, to support you in every possible way.   We really want you to “get” it !

From 8 super-successful and balanced entrepreneurs, you’ll learn:

  • secrets to building a 6-figure business in just months
  • how to find, align with and stick with your purpose so you are unstoppable
  • how to choose foods that energize you and supercharge your path to success
  • how to understand and use your unique design to get everything you want
  • how to balance feminine receiving principles with masculine business structures to open a floodgate of wealth
  • …and much more!

Go HERE to register now!

Just look at this phenomenal lineup of multiple 6- and 7-figure healthy, happy entrepreneurs – all waiting to share their best wealth and health secrets with YOU!

  • Amanda Moxley Body and Business Transformation Coach
  • Chetan Parkyn Author of Human Design : Discover the Person You Were Born to Be.
  • Katharine Dever “The Guardian Angel of Transformation”
  • Stacey Morgenstern 7 figure holistic marketing mentor
  • Karen Knowler “The Raw Food Coach”
  • Ashley Turner Yogini, Speaker, Author and Coach
  • Jennifer Longmore North America’s Soul Purpose Expert
  • Gina Devee 7 Figure Success Coach

See, I’ve learned it’s not about DOING more, it’s about being and thinking differently about money and your body.  Join me and start to make that shift now!


P.S. Try to attend as many of the sessions as you can. I’d mark them in your calendar if I were you.  You never know what will be the one thing that sparks your transformation!

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