The truth is there is no lack in the universe.

You are sourced, fueled and funded by a renewable resource which is within you.

It never runs out, it is your essence, it’s your life.

Money is a renewable energy that can never be created nor destroyed.

The amount of money you are letting in is equivalent to how powerful you are allowing yourself to be in the world.

Abundance is your birth rite

It’s like breathing in and out.

If you are giving all of the time you feel resentful and if you are receiving all of the time you don’t notice what you have.

Money energy is a sweet balance of releasing and letting go and sharing and receiving and filling yourself up again.

There is no lack in the universe.

Nature gives all and takes nothing.

Sea of Abundance Visualization:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself standing at the edge of the gigantic blue ocean. See the ocean filled with all of the money energy you desire.

Tap into this infinite abundant energy. Breathe deeply in and out.

Fill yourself up with all you need until you are completely satisfied and all of your needs are met.

Trust that whatever you take from the sea of abundance will always be replaced by more abundance. It is law.

Stop “Spending” and start “Circulating”.

The next time you “spend” money, replace the word “spend” with “CIRCULATE”.

Imagine circulating your money energy outwards like exhaling your breath, and then allow yourself to receive the inhale breath naturally.

Visualize your relationship with money as a beautiful circulation of energy, just like inhaling and exhaling.

Do this all week and notice your relationship with money begin to transform before your eyes.

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