The past is over, but you can still CASH in on it! You may be experiencing your “rock bottom” right now or your “personal ground zero” but please smile and trust that you are NOW experiencing in REAL life your SEMINAR STORY! HA! Believe me, that rock bottom is actually going to bring you TONS of money very soon. That’s what happened to me and MANY of my colleagues and peeps you see in the spotlight.

Note: do not fall victim to your current “reality” or your current rock bottom/ground zero illusion. Many people get stuck here and ALLOW themselves to be swept away in a raging river current of fear, doubt, lack, worry, separation, loneliness, bitterness, and not enoughness.

Are you going to allow yourself to be swept away because you gave your power away to your unconscious limiting beliefs and false programming? Most people around you will not have the persistence, vision, tenacity, focus, desire and fortitude to bust through their LB’s™ (limiting beliefs) in order to rise above mediocrity and into the LIGHT of their soul’s destination.

Will you rise up?

You must have courage. You must have unwavering FAITH in your vision. You must have 100% TRUST and laser focus on one and only one thing and that is your DESIRE to be your most empowered abundant radiant self.

Can you do that? If you can, you can have anything you want in life. The price you pay is focus, faith, trust, desire, vision, persistence, surrender, tenacity and to never ever give up in yourself or your future.

Here’s a quickie video from me about sharing my mess to success story!

What about you? Are you living your Seminar Story right now?

Abundantly Yours,



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