By Amanda Moxley

By now you know that you are what you eat.  Your skin communicates to the world your inner health and wellness. Your skin works harder than any other organ in your body to eliminate toxins and waste. A rule of thumb to getting and maintaining gorgeous skin is to use only those skin care products that you can eat.  Go look in your cabinet and read the ingredient labels of your skin care products.  If the ingredient list includes words you can’t pronounce or that you need a chemistry degree to decipher, don’t use them!  Your body deserves the very best of the best!

Eat these super nutrient rich foods to get gorgeous youthful skin for life:

1. Coconut Oil

You can both eat coconut oil and lather it on your skin as a super-rich moisturizer. Coconut oil is the ONLY thing I put on my skin. My family and I have used it for several years;  even my kitties come running when they hear me open the jar!  You can buy it in the oil section of your health food store.  We keep one bottle in the fridge and a second in the bathroom.

Here’s a little background info for you on coconut oil:

Coconut oil has received bad publicity over several decades due to its saturated fat content, but research has shown that not all saturated fats are alike and coconut oil is unique in its structural make-up. It is not only the highest source of saturated fat (92%) but included in this it is the highest source of saturated medium chain triglycerides (62%) of any naturally occurring vegan food source.  Furthermore, around 50% of these medium chain triglycerides are made up of lauric acid, the most important essential fatty acid in building and maintaining the body’s immune system.

Apart from coconut oil, the only other source of lauric acid found in such high concentrations is in mother’s milk. Tropical oils and mother’s milk are by far the richest food sources of medium chain fatty acids available.  So, if you want to boost your immune system without drinking mother’s milk, consume coconut oil.

2.  Essential fatty acids

Several studies find that the amount of poly- and mono- unsaturated fats (particularly omega-3 fatty acids) in your diet can minimize sun and aging damage to your skin.  The best food sources are Chia seeds (find at your local health food store), cold-water fish – such as salmon, mackerel and tuna.  For healthy mono fats, stick with olive oil, avocados and nuts.  Your skin will shine!  You can rub olive oil on your body too!

3. Eat foods high in beta carotene

Beta carotene is another critical antioxidant that is beneficial for healthy skin, repair of tissues and protection against sun damage. Beta carotene is converted into vitamin A in the body and is found in foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots, mangoes and apricots; orange, red and yellow fruits; and green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli.

4. Drink water with organic lemon
Drinking water with lemon is one of the easiest things you can do!  In addition to helping you to lose weight and improve energy, drinking water will hydrate the skin and reduce the signs of aging.  Fresh lemon in your water acts as a natural astringent in the body and helps improve overall health – and your skin.

5. Avoid eating inflammatory foods
Eating inflammatory foods such as full-fat meats, cheeses and refined flours can show up in your face in the form of breakouts, under-eye bags, puffiness and red patches. In order to reduce these effects naturally, focus on anti-inflammatory foods such as nuts (walnuts, almonds), organic fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.

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