The clock is ticking on the fast action BONUS give away for the Fit, Fab and Fierce –Release up to 50 pounds program. When you register before tonight, August 3rd at midnight, you will receive a FREE Live VIP coaching intensive DAY with me all for YOU and your goals.

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Here’s a video from me breaking it all down for you:

If you are really serious about releasing the fat that’s holding you back and stepping into your ultimate body and life this YEAR then with all love and kindness why are you still holding on to it and struggling? As the saying goes… If you would have done it on your own by now, you would have!

The fast action bonus is truly a GIFT from me to YOU to support you in taking decisive action steps in the direction of your heart’s true desires. What are you waiting for?

It’s your time. I believe in you and I am holding this space for you to step into.
Will you join me?

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I am so excited to finish off 2011 with you and your dreams!

Here’s the link again:

Radiantly yours,

P.S. I am here for you 100%. I’ve transformed my own body and life and I can help you do the exact same. You don’t need to try to do it on your own anymore. But it’s up to you. You can receive and you can say “YES” to your desires. Trust yourself and believe in yourself and allow yourself to shine.
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