Have you noticed now that spring has sprung your body is craving lighter more cleansing foods rather than heavy, creamy fuller foods? I wanted to give you a good shopping list to stock up on and jump start your spring renewal process.  Start by adding these foods into your daily routine.  Your body will LOVE you, and when your body loves you, you feel awesome and everybody around you can FEEL it!

1.  Alfalfa Sprouts
2.  Asparagus
3.  Cabbage
4.  Cauliflower
5.  Dandelion root (really good for liver cleansing)
6.  Celery (boring I know)
7.  Endive
8.  Garlic (not on date night:)
9.  Green beans
10.  Red Peppers
11.  Kale (my favorite)
12.  Parsley (good in juices)
13.  Carrots
14.  Mustard greens (add a bit of a kick to your diet)
15.  Peas
16.  Daikon radish (helps release cellulite:)
17.  Collard Greens
18.  Chicory
19.  Spinach
20.  Red and green lentils (excellent fiber, great for digestion)
21.  Cayenne pepper
22.  Ginger (delicious grated into stir fry or juiced whole)
23.  Clove
24.  Onions
25.  Red leafy lettuce

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