By Amanda Moxley

Do you know that 2010 is an extraordinarily special year? This is a year to master and transform your body, your food and your life.  This is the year to live into your magnificence, to let go of all that no longer serves you, to raise your vibration and be the person you were born to be! If not now, then when?

We are half way through this pivotal year.  How close are you to attaining your 2010 Vision and goals?

TODAY – right now – is the perfect time to take an inventory of how far you’ve come and then get laser focused on making your dreams a reality.

Have you been taking 100% responsibility for everything in your life? Or have you been playing the victim?  You are responsible for every word, thought, action, reaction, situation, result – good or bad – that manifests in your life.  Breathe that in.  It’s empowering and scary at the same time to realize the power and potential that you hold within your very being.

You are a creator and nothing can be DONE TO YOU. You in fact, create it all.  Detaching from victim consciousness will set you free.  You know you are playing the victim when you are blaming, criticizing, whining, asking “WHY ME”, gossiping, etc.  It doesn’t feel good.  So let’s stop the blame game for this month!

Finish this sentence 5 times:
“I play the victim in ________ scenario.”

I am the creator of my life!

Where in your life could you take 5% more responsibility?  Could you take 5% more responsibility in your food choices, exercising, your spiritual life, releasing clutter?

Finish this sentence 5 times:
“If I would take 5% more responsibility for my life I would ___________”

Great work identifying where you can be more responsible.  You are empowering yourself and becoming responsible for your body and successes!

The next step is action! Identify 3 baby action steps you are going to implement today to get you closer to your food and body goals and visions:

Be persistent, relentless, focused, centered and steady with your action. It takes 21-30 days to make a new habit.  You need to practice, practice, practice in order to manifest your goal.  Don’t give up!

Surround yourself with positive, successful spiritually minded go-getters who believe in you and see you in your highest potential (like me:).  Now is your time to SHINE!

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