Listen, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

If you can’t hack the fear, then just quit now because honestly it never gets better or easier. BUT your soul won’t let you back down to your calling. It’s in you. You’re restless without it and you must keep going.

Knowing this expansion sequence and cycle will help

  1. You’re excited. You make a decision to JFDI. You jump off the cliff thinking your Mrs. Big stuff. Example- you buy the new car, hire an executive assistant, join a 5-figure master mind program, book 1st class tickets abroad, unleveled your home mortgage, etc. When you hucked yourself off the cliff, you truly believed and knew you could make it happen. You felt the expansion in your bones and breath and it felt exhilaratingly awesome!
  2. BUT THEN……..Fear crept in. Otherwise known as….





Your comfort zone that you just hopped out of was beckoning you back to the cozy nest of mediocre, complacency, MEH-ville. You started to beat yourself up for wanting SO much. For expanding more. For thinking you could be Mrs. Big Stuff. You believed in all the hype about following your heart’s desires and allowing yourself to receive. This is not a good ,nor a fun stage to be in. It sucks. Fear storms rage in the night. You’re a victim of your own self produced prison. You have the keys to freedom but you keep punishing yourself and keep yourself under water. It’s a choice, fear. You can choose out at any moment you wish.

  1. But then one day, or one minute, depending on how fast you cycle through your terror barrier, you decide to surrender.

You step back into the present moment of what is in this very moment. You slow down your mind. Breathe it in. It’s actually all GOOD!

Surrender does not mean, that you lie down, play dead and the game is over.

Surrender means you turn the ego mind/fears/emotions OFF. You drop into “Thy Will Be Done” energy.

Imagine a God/Love/Source/Energy that is more willing to give you what you desire, than YOU are willing to receive.

Yes. You know life is for YOU.

Nothing is against you, except for Fear itself.

Knowing that whatever you ask for, it is always given, provided you ALLOW it (without resistance and negativity). But even then, you are so loved, you will still get it, but it may be delayed.

Surrender is about getting to the place where it is ALREADY DONE.

You mailed the letter and it is on its way.

You dropped it off. You let it go.

Like a dog dropping the ball it’s obsessed with, after chewing it down profusely.

Just drop it off, baby!

Sweet surrender is about knowing and believing that all things are possible with God and in God.

Surrender is not about giving up, it’s about letting it go and knowing it is already done.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

And then acting in FAITH from there.

Faith without work is dead.

You’re coming from it’s done.

Active faith in the appearance and fabrication of lack, is an illusion. A false facade. Don’t fall for it again,

And as you let go, in sweet surrender, it all comes to you.

Let it in baby!

JFDI (just f’in do it) Everything you want is right out of your comfort zone. LEAP!!


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