If you want NEW results and outcomes than you need to look at what you’re thinking, feeling, believing and doing in the present. What you are doing NOW is creating your FUTURE. Decide to think, feel, believe, act and be different NOW to change your future.Here’s how….

Make a list of 50-100 things you’re tolerating in your biz and life.

And then ask yourself,

  1. “Why is this OK?”
  2. “ Why am I tolerating this?
  3. How is this stuff you’re tolerating SERVING you?
  4. What’s the PAY OFF for it?
  5. If I know I am creating my own reality, WHY am I choosing what I am experiencing now?

You are worth so much more than the shiz you’re putting up with. Don’t you think?

And only YOU can change it. But first you need to be aware of it and then make some behavioral changes and decisions as to what you are no longer available to tolerate anymore.

That’s how you change, get better results and claim your goals!

I’ve been doing this exercise on the regular for over 5 years and I’m blown away by how much SHIZ I no longer tolerate that I used to put up with. You can do it too. (And of course there’s always more stuff to stop tolerating no matter what phase you’re in.)

Look at your list of what you’re tolerating and then make some affirmations and declarations as to what YOU do want to create..


I have set structures and systems in my business

I am super VIFP

I never settle

I act from my future radiant self

My hair looks hot 24/7

I am in a high state of joy and elation 24/7

I am consciously aware of my breath all day

My eyes are healthy and strong

I am in my feminine. I am a Queen.

I only work with ideal epic soul mate clients who show up, do the work and who are serious about running a super successful biz and life

My team is capable and I let go and trust them to manage their tasks

I follow a joyful set rhythm for family and biz life

I claim my desires

I know who I am

I own my worth, my value, my light and my contribution to the world

Awareness is first.

Decision is second

Declaration is third

Action from the future is fourth

Receiving is fifth

Now it’s your turn!


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