What a perfect way to kick off spring, yes? 🙂

It starts May 20 to June 4, Monday to Friday and airs LIVE at 7pm EST/4pm PST And, you’ll want to register before then so you will receive all the recordings on topics I know you’re interested in: attracting love, loving your money, growing your business and of course my free training on The One Tiny Thing That’s Keeping You Small, Scared and Broke where I’ll be sharing why now it’s time to put a FORK in your F’in Money Story and be done with it for good.  And I may just be offering a very special gift for you, but you’ll need to listen in to find out what that might be:)

Just visit www.SeedsOfLoveSummit.com to reserve your seat, claim $1000’s in free gifts and be on the list to receive all your free audio interviews from th is exciting line up of influential women, (including me!).

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