Two years ago, my beloved hubby Johnn had a near death ski accident. Every day since his accident we are filled with complete gratitude, appreciation and love of life. Thank you Universe. I’ve recounted this miraculous personal story here for you.

On April 10, 2008 Johnn  hit a tree while skiing and suffered a severe head injury. His angels dragged him out of the tree well and down the mountain 60 feet so he could be seen and rescued. A medical student found him and ski patrol came in the nick of time.

The overcast clouds parted, the helicopter landed and he was flown to the hospital. At the hospital it was determined that Johhn had an epidural hematoma, had broken his skull, jaw and nose, and needed immediate surgery. I got the call while I was in session with a client and raced to the hospital, my entire body shaking like crazy. I thought, “This isn’t supposed to happen. Johnn and I are supposed to have a family and live together forever.” I prayed, affirmed and visualized our future life while he was in neuro-surgery.

My mantra was, “Johnn is going to have a complete recovery.” The surgeon came out hours later and told us the good news. ”Your husband is going to make a complete recovery!” Thank you God, Universe, Angels! I was overjoyed with happiness, faith and love.

Johnn spent a week in the hospital. The day he returned home, I was feeling VERY nauseous. I took a pregnancy test and then three more. I was pregnant! What a miracle! Sawyer Fir was named after the tree Johnn hit and the miracle of his recovery.

Johnn has made a 110 percent recovery. He has suffered not one deficit. If anything, he has improved! He had a deeply spiritual experience and has renewed faith in the Universe and LIFE itself. We are beyond grateful and thank the Universe every day for this enormous gift of Life.

Hug your loved ones today and be grateful for all that you have!

Love and gratitude to you,


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