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I wanted to share this beautiful testimonial from one of my rock star clients! I think many of you can relate to Andria. A lot of us KNOW a ton of information intellectually about nutrition, health and fitness but we don’t know and feel it in our CELLS. I teach my clients how to embody radiant health and total body confidence so that they can be FREE to do what they came here to do.
After years of learning about exercise and nutrition, and gaining all this intellectual knowledge about how to live a healthy, thin and powerful life, Amanda helped me to have the experience that brought all that knowledge from my head, to my heart. Before that, I was unable to put into practice the knowledge I had gained.  Her guided visualizations really brought home the messages my body were sending to me. Once I was able to calm down and listen to what my body was telling me, all that knowledge made sense in a very real and personal way.  I would invite anyone willing to dig deep, and work hard to give this a try. It’s magical and amazing.  And Amanda’s motivational spirit is completely uplifting and infectious!! Thanks, again Amanda!”

Andria Despain Portland, Oregon

If  you are ready  to  take all the awesome knowledge you have about food, diet, health, fitness and nutrition from your head to your heart to actually get the RESULTS you desire then join me for my FREE teleclass happening this Thursday night March 25th at 7 MST (don’t worry if you can’t make the LIVE call. I’ll send you the mp3 after the call) on the

“The 5 Juiciest Secrets You Must Know if You Want it All – a Radiant Body, Total Success, Peace and Prosperity.”

It’s time to step into YOUR brilliance!


I can’t wait to “see” you on the call!

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