“From broke and busted to joyously abundant, in every way!”

“How I adore you and working with you!  I have seen HUGE transitions since working with you! Working with the right coach makes all the difference! I had worked with and signed up for so many other coaches. However, it was only after I began to work with you that I truly made any headway!

I was broke and living paycheck to paycheck. Paying bills was so agonizingly painful that I wouldn’t. I literally would throw them into the trash because, unfortunately, I knew they would just send a new one the next month. Of course when the threat of being turned off or disconnected would surface I would pay the bare minimum because that was all I could afford. Stealing from Peter to pay Paul, so to speak.

The first time I worked with you, I was shocked to see my income go to over $3000. Then I signed up for your next program and saw even larger gains. I believe the biggest part of it is that I no longer am afraid to pay my bills! I have plenty in the bank and have an income in place for the next few months! This is such a 180 degree pivot from where I was I can barely believe that I ever even played in the field of “broke ass”.

Under your tutelage I allowed myself to “POP”, to use your verbiage, and bust out of the misery I was in. As you know I am a mother of 8 children, my hubby was injured at work so is home on disability which pays only 60% of his income. To say we struggled is an understatement!! All I had was faith and hope. Then you showed up. You taught me how to use those tools, cultivate my own talents and in the service of love go forth. Now, I love my life and am popping into my new life of abundance! From broke and busted to joyously abundant, in everyway! Thank you so much for your service and thank God and Goddess for you!”

Leilani Higham

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