“As a result of Amanda’s End Yo’ Money Drama Course, I have doubled my income and increased the number of active clients.”

“I had been following Amanda’s career for years before taking that step forward and actually begin working with her. Before her End Yo’ Money Drama course I was unclear about different aspects of my relationship with money and my Coaching & Marketing Business. Through the course I have gotten great ideas and more clarity.

I revisited my old money story and transformed old generational limiting beliefs by burning them in a fire.

I learned a healthier relationship with money. Quite honestly, I had never thought of money as a lover. Now I have a date night with my Money Lover to work with money in a fun and more satisfying way.

As a result I have doubled my income and increased the number of active clients.

I have found Amanda to be very inspiring. She is living her dream; she is creative, very knowledgeable, professional and very funny.

I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is ready to change their beliefs about money and move their business forward. Thank you Amanda.”

Diane Cunningham, MS, RNC, CPC
Certified IdealLife Vision & Dream Coach
Marketing Specialist

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