Here are some gorgeous pictures of the Radiant Body, Soaring Spirit 8 month program on our first LIVE retreat experience in Snowbird, Utah. Our second retreat is in November in Kauai, Hawaii!

The theme of this retreat was “Creating Your Energizing Vision.” I led them through a guided visualization at 11,000 feet where they met their future radiant self.

The balance of the weekend was spent clarifying their vision and breaking it into baby steps in order to manifest it easily and joyfully.

I led them through daily yoga, visualization and breathing sessions to ground in their vision as well as sessions on the Wheel of Transformation, Ideal Schedule, Radiant Body, Prescription for Radiance and the Yum Diet. Auretha Callison spoke on Uncovering Your Essence.

We nourished them with divinely delicious foods like Trinity Kale Salad, Zucchini Pesto Pasta, Earth Green Salad with Hummus Cabbage Wraps, Coconut Curry and Quinoa and our raw deserts were out of this world! (from my 50 Super Slimming Recipes e-book.)

They each left with their own Vision board, action steps and a strengthened bond with me and the group. I’m still buzzing with gratitude and appreciation for this amazing weekend!

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