I’m sitting here drinking a cappuccino at my favorite coee shop and thinking about you. Last night I had a mani/pedi with my esthetician and she told me that she used to be jealous of me because of my success. It was kinda rude and hard to hear but it got me thinking about how easy it is for us, on our climb, to be projected upon and that can STOP us!


I want to say that it is SAFE for you to ask for and claim what you desire – the money, the success, the fame, the fun, the family, the freedom and the fortune.

And on your ascent to the top, your bright light super NOVA awesomeness will invariably trigger people who want what you have, but are too scared to get it (at this time).

I remember the first year I broke past 330K, it freaked me out because getting there was massively uncomfortable to say the least.

It was so extremely out of my comfort zone to sell, shine, share and lead so boldly and brightly.

I slipped back to old patterns, made myself wrong and bad for being too BIG and bright.

I had outgrown my environment and didn’t fit in at all. But I wanted to. I yearned for my tribe. Tribal stuff is deep.

I had expanded so boldly, that in my brightness and naiveté I was subjected to others’ projections, fear, envy, judgement and jealousy. So I shrunk myself back down to feel loved, approved and accepted.

I was not aware I was doing this in the midst of it all.


Here’s what I wish I had known and done, hope this helps you.

  1. Ground in your own energy, vision, vortex and focus
  2. Spend 30 minutes + daily journaling your intentions, goals, dreams and visions
  3. Find other friends who are claiming their dreams unapologetically and constantly (online rocks for this)
  4. Never put anyone on a pedestal (their shiz stinks too)
  5. Never think you are above anyone (stay humble)
  6. Be cool with having, making, saving and circulating money (know it’s a renewable resource)
  7. Develop a #ruthless money mindset
  8. Be unapologetic about what you want and claiming it
  9. Never take on other’s projections
  10. Be aware of what is YOUR energy and what is the energy of others and reduce taking on theirs.
  11. Stay hungry
  12. Never settle
  13. Keep pushing yourself
  14. Obviously hire mentors and be in a master mind community with peeps who are like you, get you and are going for it.

Your dreams are sacred. Like a new born baby. Guard them like a fierce mama bear and don’t let anyone’s ego squander your heart’s desires.

This is what I wish I had known.

Is this helpful? Reply back and let me know how you’re handling stretching into your dreams and where you feel stuck! I love hearing from you.

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