Happy New Year!
Watching the snow fall in the stillness and quiet of winter. Thinking of you and all we’ve shared this year. Sending  you and your families all of my love, appreciation and abundant blessings in the New Year.

May your hearts be full of love, your vision focused on your true desires and your body be radiantly healthy and alive.

Thanks for reading my words in 2010 and I look forward to supporting you, inspiring you and cheering you on in all that you desire in 2011.

Can you feel that 2011 is going to be heaven? You’re going to LOVE your body so much and you’re gong to look and feel smoking HOT!

And I can help you manifest it FAST!

Last night on the “Letting YOUR Inner Beauty Out”, complimentary call I shared the juicy details about my all new Beautiful Woman Emerging 2011 Program.

This is your chance to heal and transform your food and body image issues once and for all, to release excess weight naturally and keep it off (think 8-25 pounds), and to free up massses amounts of energy so you can powerfully move forward with your awesome life.

I promise when you commit to yourself in this way your body and life will forever change as mine has and my clients!

I’m making this super easy and affordable for you because my mission is to empower as many women I can to love their bodies through food and inner work.

Go here to learn all about it!

Hurry and register by January 7th to receive $50 off AND receive a 1:1 Body and Soul transformation coaching session with me valued at $297.

Watch your inbox for the next week for my best tips for getting hot and healthy in the New Year! I can’t wait to bring in 2011 with you and share all of my super slimming strategies with you!

Have a blessed New Year’s celebration!

In Love and Gratitude,


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