Yesterday, I happened to turn on Oprah and was pleasantly surprised that she was interviewing Geneen Roth about her new book, Women, Food and God.  If you haven’t read the book, you must!  I see a lot of my teachings and wisdom in Geneen’s work.

Seeing her on Oprah with an audience of women crying, and even Oprah opening up so vulnerably about her own relationship with food and feelings, reminded me of how much work still needs to be done. So here I am with another issue of A Breath of Fresh Air written for you to fall in love with your body through inner work, self love and acceptance.

Today I wish to tell you that you are not broken, you are whole and one with all that is. You are not separate from LOVE or God or Good.  See yourself as a sun BEAM radiating uniquely from the sun – you are still a part of the brilliant sun.  Or see yourself as a drop in the vast ocean – you are an individual drop, but you are ONE with the expansiveness of the entire ocean.

When we overeat, or over-drink, or over-shop, or over-obsess, or over-whatever it may be, we are resisting what IS.
We are not allowing ourselves to be fully present and to FEEL what our SOUL is trying to express through us.  Our feelings are our SOUL whispering to us to awaken and to come back into alignment with what feels good (our divine nature.)

Your Soul speaks to your body in feelings of anger (jaw, head, back, neck);  sadness (upper chest, throat, back of the eyes);  fear (belly, scapula);  creativity (erogenous zones, pelvis, hips);  and joy (all over body buzz).

We overeat because we don’t want to FEEL our feelings in fear that, if we face what IS, we will fall apart. The problem is… when we emotionally eat, we then put a double whammy on ourselves because now we are hating and beating ourselves up because we overate AND the underlying feeling is still there!

It takes 20 seconds to 20 minutes to feel a feeling all the way through.

Feel it to heal it. If you don’t take the time and have the courage to face it, it will expand until it really gets your attention (think: accidents, obesity, heart disease, diabetes etc).

Most of us were not taught how to feel our feelings in a healthy and friendly way. The feelings were repressed and never felt all the way through and they are still vying for your attention to be cleansed, healed and wiped away.

This was Oprah’s epiphany: someone wanted her to do something she didn’t want to do and after she assertively declined, she hung up the phone and ate a pound of lettuce (better than a bag of potato chips) because she felt bad about saying no.  Oprah said, “What I’m really feeling is every time I have ever been beaten by my grandmother. … What I recognize as I’m stuffing myself with the lettuce is I still have that feeling of – if I don’t do what pleased the other person, then somehow that person has the power to annihilate me.”  So sad.  When you are stuffing food down the hatch, what feeling are YOU trying to avoid?

We continue to recreate situations (dramas) in our lives to relive similar situations so that we can have a chance to feel and heal the feeling all the way through. You are never going to find relief in food, dieting, weighing yourself, being thin or fat.  It stems from feeling like you are not WHOLE or ONE with Source-God-Good-Universe.

Breathe, move and get out of your own way. Allow yourself to be a channel for love, healing, truth and wholeness.

You don’t need to eat.  You need to feel and heal. I know this journey very intimately.  It takes courage, faith, determination, introspection and deep respect, love and reverence for your body temple and life.  If I can do this, so can you.  I believe in you with all my heart.

Feel it, to heal it!

Love and Radiance,



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