GASP! Don’t look now, but we’re already one month into 2012! Happy February!

Are you any further along toward your dream of having a 6- figure business than you were when 2012 began?

If not, would NOW be a good time to get off the fence and take some real and powerful action?  Well, I’ve got a little incentive for you (actually, a BIG one.)

Enroll NOW for one of the last few spots in my “6 Figures in 6 months the Healthy Way” program at the early bird price BEFORE it goes up forever on Monday, February 6th, and you’ll get a JUICY fast action bonus — an additional 3-hour VIP skype intensive with me (a $1,500 value! ) to map out your “Healthy Way to 6 Figures Master Plan”.

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This is the program where I show you step-by-step how to build your 6 Figure business in 6 months, it’s still a bargain when it goes up to $14k on Monday…but it’s a total no-brainer at the early-bird price of $10k.

In fact, if you apply yourself, you could absolutely make back your entire 10K investment in just one month. That’s what I did. Once I took my leap of faith and invested in my own high-level business coach, I went from $200 in my bank account to bringing in 54k in only 6 weeks!

DON’T underestimate the power of one month!  Your life and business could look totally different once March rolls around – but ONLY if you take a stand for yourself and make the right decision NOW.

(Or you could hesitate, do nothing, continue trying to muddle through on your own…and be in the same place 30 days from now that you are today. And 30 days from then. And so on and so on…how’s that been going for you?:)

I want to help you make 2012 the year you transform your business and your life, just like I did, starting NOW. All you have to do now to ensure that it happens is to take the first step towards YOUR financial freedom: sign up at

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P.S. But hurry…there are only 3 spots left, and they may be gone even before the Early Bird deadline on Feb 6th. If you want to be sure to get in at this price AND receive your additional 3-hour VIP Skype bonus intensive, register NOW (and ask questions later:)!

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P.P.S. Or you can book your complimentary strategy session with me here to make sure this is the right step for you.

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