By Amanda Moxley

With the quiet cool mornings, long warm days, and relaxing starry evenings, summer is a wonderful time for extreme self care. No doubt you are pulled in a thousand directions from building your business, raising your children, being with your husband, family and friends and all of the fun social activities that fill your calendar.  Life is busy and it may feel like you are riding a roller coaster with out any real foundation or grounding.  You are not alone!  Women around the world are feeling the same pressures. We can not go on living like this — now is the time for extreme self care.

Here is a reflection from my journal entry last week.

“Surrender it all to Love.  Focus 100% on your mission and your message.  Be a channel of Love and God energy.  Dissolve blocks through extreme self care.  Come back in alignment with Love.  That’s it.  Come back to God.  Come back to Center.  Remove all blocks of fear, doubt, worry, pain and guilt.  These are 100% ego.  Release all falsehood and stand deeply connected and align with your Divine Design.  Value yourself as you value anything sacred.”

Get out your calendar right now and schedule daily “YOU” time to reconnect to your heart, your message and your mission.

I like to get up earlier than the rest of my family to meditate, visualize and stretch my body on my yoga deck every morning.  This is a sacred ritual for me. It connects me to my Source and aligns my energy for the day.  Then throughout the day, I watch my breath and consciously relax my body and mind.  I surrender it all to Love and keep focused on my mission and message.  When I get overwhelmed or when things are not flowing, I go back to my yoga/meditation deck and align my energy back up to Source.  I also make time for daily exercise such as hiking (with my baby on my back), mountain biking, practicing yoga or taking a stroll around the neighborhood.  These activities really help me cleanse my mind and move old energy out so that I stay focused on my message: to serve the world by healing both body & mind through food, love and connection to Spirit – where infinite possibilities lie.

Do something today to realign your mind, body and spirit. You’ll be most happy that you did.

Love and radiance,

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