Have you ever tried pole dancing class? OMG, it’s so much fun! Over the last week, I’ve taken two classes and have totally LOVED it! People ask me all the time “Amanda, how do you do it all?” Being a mom of two small children, having a rocking biz, a healthy body and a soul mate is definitely a living art!

Recently, I have had a breakthrough with scheduling and couldn’t wait to share my tips with you in this week’s feature ezine video. Here’s the gist… schedule everything in your calendar that you want to do and then DO IT when the time arrives! Throw out your to do lists and start calendaring your to-do’s in your calendar rather than on paper! Then enjoy the freedom of knowing that “YES” you can do everything you want to do because it is scheduled and planned! Ahh.. what a relief this will bring to you!

I love hearing from you. If you have some juicy schedule tips, share them with us on the blog!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Abundantly yours,

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