Wow! I had a myth shattering experience last week that has to do with starting a modeling career.  During my photo shoot in Los Angeles, I loved it so much that I told Christina Morassi that I wanted to become a model.  This is a pretty hilarious notion coming from a girl who was teased for being fat and who believed that she was ugly and unattractive!

I’m sharing this with you today to inspire and uplift you.  Your current reality does not determine your future. Your body may not match your spirit at this moment in time.  You may be single and wishing for your divine partner.  Or you may be stuck in a job you hate and wishing you could be creating from your passion and making the money you desire.  It doesn’t matter where you are today;  what matters is your DESIRE and why you desire what you desire.  Let your DESIRE pull you through.

I know that desire is key to success because I have personally experienced a physical transformation from the ugly duckling to being asked to be a model!  Ha!

Read on for the full scoop.

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