I’ve got a juicy story for you today! I joke that I’m a “recovering Social Worker”.  When I first started my biz as a health coach back in 2005, I was simultaneously working as a cognitive behavioral therapist.  I was being “groomed” to take over my mom’s successful therapist practice with a perfect secure and stable future all lined up ahead of me.

I soon found out that I am completely “unemployable.” (give me an AMEN)

My free spirit rebel yelled against the confines of commuting to work (with my MOM at age 29!) and being chained to my office for 10+ hour days sitting ALL DAY long in a freezing cold air conditioned environment was BRUTAL!

My soul craved freedom, time freedom, money freedom, ALL freedom. I wanted to have kids eventually and I knew I wanted freedom to be home with them so I could raise them in a healthy conscious way. No “all day day-care” for me. I wanted my babies to be CLOSE to me. I wanted to nurse my babies. I started looking online and I saw REAL women doing what I wanted, with the freedom I craved.

I landed my first 2 clients from a tiny speaking workshop at Alta Ski Resort where 3 people showed up, 2 of which became my clients.

I figured out where my ideal clients hung out and I called up and physically showed up in yoga studios, law offices, community centers, health foods stores etc and I got booked to speak. Many times the owners of the studios would hire me too.

I filled my 1:1 practice in my first year of business with 22 clients and made about 65k!!

I kept building my business in my local community until my first home water birth 4 years later and then I moved my business completely online

  • BUT I felt invisible online.                                                                                                   
  • I missed the power of connection I had live.
  • I did not feel seen or heard and I certainly was not getting paid.
  • I constantly compared myself to everyone else online.
  • I haunted every free class looking for the magic bullet.
  • I hired the big coaches, did the big programs, joined some high end master minds. Took on my first debt EVER in my life to invest in my business, racked it up to 30k.

I started doing videos and teleclasses. I worked behind the scenes on my business. Building out the branding, developing high end packages, hosting telesummits, having sales calls, hustling, working hard. I averaged about 40k a year which I was grateful for BUT I knew I could do better. And my soul craved more success.

In 2011, I flew to California for yet another event to help me POP my business. I charged the event to my sponsor and sole biz backer AMEX. I stayed at a sketchy hotel in Venice Beach.

My body felt really skinny (which wasn’t like me). And I remember crying in the event about HOW BAD my situation was, because it was the worst it had ever gotten. Me being the “kale winner” of my family and totally in debt and with my savings drained down to my last $200 and no where but UP.

So there I was, crying to the coach and telling her how f’in bad it was. She looked at me and said “Amanda, you’re in your SEMINAR STORY!!!” I was LIKE– WHAT?? This is a seminar story? It gave me HOPE. It gave me reason to BELIEVE in myself that this was just a PART of my story. It was not my ending.

That transformation was the key.

After that light went on, I remember looking in the mirror and saying: “this is WAR, and I am going to win.” And I believed myself!

Within days of getting out of my own way and getting REAL, I started booking more speaking gigs locally and online and selling my high end programs like hotcakes!

From having only that $200…I brought in $54,000 in 6 weeks… within 9 months, I passed 6 figures …And within another 12 months, I passed the 200k mark, the next year passed the 330k mark! Woo hoo!

I went on to take that very story as bad as it was and vulnerably shared it with my tribe. I used it in all of my speaking events, free “teleclasses”, workshops, videos, my book, podcast interviews, summits and eventually on stage at all 6 of my 6 figure events.

I turned that rock bottom to a million dollar business over the past 5 years and used that exact story to fuel and fund my freedomista biz lifestyle.

In 2012, after my second home water birth, I got asked to speak in California at a few events from women I met in my master minds.

I was vulnerable. Real. Raw. 100% Amanda.

The result, 10k clients signing up with ease (even to this day, women I met from that event fell in LOVE with me and my heart and knew my heart was the gift they needed in their business to help them POP to their next level.) And of course, they saw my lightning success and knew I could teach them my strategies and how to’s.

Being on stage automatically positions you as the expert, the BIG cheese.

Your credibility goes through the roof.

This is why you gotta get on stage, baby!

Once I had a taste of being on stage at a BIG event, I wanted to host my own.

Fast forward 18 months, I was standing on my stage with my tribe of 80 women at my first ever live event on my home turf.

I’ve hosted six 6 figure + events since 2013.

You’re probably at the point where you’ve been at a zillion events and networking events. You’ve eaten the rubber chicken and your ass has fallen asleep from SITTING and watching some other expert on stage woo the crowd and make bank.

And you’re sitting there bored and stifled as ever because you’ve heard it all, seen it all and YOU want to JUMP on that STAGE. Grab the MIC and OWN the ROOM with YOUR heart, your message, YOUR love, your fun personality, passion and power.

Am I right or am I right?

Or maybe you’re still trying to NAIL your “plane is crashing” messaging and perhaps you’re still in your “seminar story” but you’re looking around and YOU see that YOU can HAVE the success you crave.

You have a big message to share with the world and you’re committed to the core to get it out of your head and heart and into the world, for SUCH a time AS THIS!!

The moral of the story is…

You have a divine STORY inside of YOU that needs to be organized, delivered and shared from the roof tops and in so doing, you will magnetize droves of dream clients to you who are already pre-sold on YOU and your highest level programs.

I hope my story inspires you to know YOU can have what you desire and you don’t have to wait any longer! I’d love to help in anyway I can, that’s why I’ve set aside several times this week for some “Speak Your Way to Success” breakthrough sessions!

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After creating a multiple six figure business and helping so many women entrepreneurs over the past 12 years as a coach, I’m confident and I can support you too!

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