It’s time to grow up! I finally get it. Life is a journey. Now,  I can remember the BIG PICTURE of life and look at where I am now in my life story from those eyes. This is the year that I woke up again :), became a woman, a mother and a leader. I live and stand rooted in my light and my knowing of who I AM. No more backing down!

It’s as if, after 34 years, I’ve been given a Prescription for Radiance from my higher self for my personal diet.

Here it is:

90% vegan-occasionally at a party moderately eat goat cheese or eat yogurt with breakfast (like once every couple of months)

Wheat free

Sugar free

Little fruit in season and local

Nothing processed (no chips, no roasted, salted nuts, no boxes of truffles =lead to overindulgence, no chocolate bars, no alcohol)

All organic

Mostly raw


Whole grains


Green drinks for mid afternoon crashes

Home made from the heart


Perhaps 10% of my life I go off my prescription for radiance in moderation, breathing with intention and connection to Source.

I’ve come a LONG way on my food and body journey. Sometimes, I just want to be a “normal person” who eats like everyone else, however this makes me sick and takes me out of my light and radiance.

I choose to feel radiantly energized, healthy, alive, happy and free every day of my life! I am embracing my light and brilliance with OPEN arms!

How about you? What is your own personal Prescription for Radiance?

It may sound like my Prescription for Radiance is strict, boring, restrictive and challenging but it is NOT. After 12 years of trying every diet under the sun, being a flexetarian, listening to my body and honoring it’s infinite wisdom this way of eating is the perfect I LOVE MYSELF DIET for AMANDA! And I am sticking to it because It sets me free and makes me feel safe, simple, connected and ALIVE!

Your assignment:

Write your personal Prescription for Radiance.

What foods, drinks, snacks etc make you feel totally, confidently, ALIVE, awake, healthy, happy and FREE?

What foods, drinks and snacks undoubtedly make you feel sick, stuck, irritable, tired, uncomfortable etc?

Declare your Prescription for Radiance and root your feet firmly in the ground in knowing you are a light being who deserves to feel amazing every day of your life!

Care to share your Prescription for Radiance?

It feels good to declare it and get support from people who believe in feeling totally amazing, alive, energized and radiant!

Radiantly yours,


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