Sappening hotstuff? (translation what’s happening hotstuff!) Dude! I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for being here with me this year and rocking out 2013 to the MAX and back baby! How awesome has this year been?

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I hope you get to snuggle up and reflect on how far you’ve come this past year. For go getter’s like us, it’s easy to compare ourselves to where we want to BE vs. taking stock on how far we’ve come!

Seriously sweetheart, take a good lookin’ gander at what you have created and received in 2013. It’s massive!

Surprise! I am going to make this process super duper easy for you because I have a JUICY holiday GIFT just for YOU!

I wanted to take a moment to really APPRECIATE you for being a part of my community this year. Thank you for cheering me on and hanging with me during all of my program launches and promotions including being a part of my first ever POP live event launch. It’s been my best year ever and I wouldn’t be where I am today without YOU!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I LOVE YOU!!

So, here’s what I am giving YOU!

Click the present box to open my Free Gift to you!

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A 2013 Year in Review + 2014 Planning Guidebook!

In this juicy 18+ page guidebook, you will:

* Thoroughly reflect and release 2013 in style (a complete review of every aspect of your biz, your goals, visions and money)2014 Clock : 2014 New Year clock Stock Photo

* Create your SOUL money goal for 2014

*  Zone in on your Visibility goal

*  Commit to your dream schedule

*  Plan your TIME OFF for 2014

*  Pick YOUR theme WORD for 2014- and live it!

*  Lay down new boundaries for your time and energy (it’s timeJ)

*  Heart-storm your dream biz plan for programs and clients

*  Receive energizing motivating new mantras for the New Year- and more!

Super juicy! I love giving you this guidebook for success.

Every successful person I know, including myself routinely takes time to reflect, access, release what’s not working in order to make space for new visions, insights, revelations and ideas! It’s your turn.

I trust you will love your 2013 Year in Review + 2014 Planning Guidebook from me! It’s a gorgeous container for  you to harness your energy in one space so that you can POP your biz in 2014. You got this!

Click the present box to open my Free Giftto you!

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Happy holiday’s from my heart to yours!!

Abundantly yours,

As I rise to my highest potential and create my life,
I lift everyone else up with me..

December 20th– January 5th skiing, celebrating and enjoying the holidays with my family in Utah

January 23 and 24th Hosting a Live Master Mind Retreat for the Journey to Paradise Members in Park City, Utah

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