By Tia Shipley

My 21 day journey was amazing. It helped me turn my tumbling blocks in to stepping stones. I’ve known the proper way to eat for years but I tend to go in and out of my good eating habits.  I’ve also ran a couple of marathons and did the 30 day challenge at Bikram yoga.  I can set a goal and reach it, but I’ve never been able to make it my lifestyle.  After the 21 days I’m now making running and yoga and whole food eating a lifestyle not a fad.

Thanks to Amanda and the other amazing women on the calls I am now becoming the woman I’ve always pictured in my head. I’m more patient and enthusiastic. My son and I have made great strides with our home schooling and we’re enjoying it more than ever.  I’ve also started taking Karate with my son and have already earned my Yellow Belt.  I have a lot more energy.  I bought a new bikini top and swim shorts from Athleta. I finally went swimming with my boys yesterday and had no problem throwing on a swim suit.  I was actually excited to go to the pool and strut my stuff.

I find myself smiling more than I have in years.
I would highly recommend this program if you truly want to change your life. As Amanda says – Ask yourself, how good can you stand it?”

— Tia Shipley Sandy

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I look forward to playing with you!

Your Body Transformation Coach,


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