My beloved Grams passed away this Sunday. Have you ever been on someone’s death bed? It was as if we were midwifing her into the mystery. It’s fascinating how the whole dying process felt like waiting for a baby to be born.  I mused that perhaps she was being born rather than dying.

Grams and GrampsIn the wake of Grams’ passing, I have a renewed vigor for LIFE, for loving more deeply, and for making my desires my reality.  After all, life is short and sweet and if not now, then when are you going to fulfill your destiny?

If you are hearing this wake up call to live more abundantly; if you know that your body barrier is blocking you from love, success, health, abundance and bliss, and you know that now is your time to squeeze the juice out of life, you are in luck because The Move Beyond Your Body Barrier individualized 5 month coaching program SALE is going on right now.

You’ll want to get in NOW because osalen

November 1, the price on my exclusive Body Barrier program will go up dramatically – and stay there.
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Love and Radiance,


phone and logoP.S. If you are even a little interested in the Body Barrier program, please don’t wait!  This program will fill up quickly because with all the one-on-one attention there are obviously only so many slots.  And with the $ you’ll save by getting in early, you can purchase a fab new wardrobe for your rockin’ new body, invest in your cool new business or plan that romantic getaway with Mr. Wonderful.

P.S. Questions? I’d love to chat about whether this is the right fit for you.  Click here now to set up an appointment.

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