Don’t look now, but it’s nearly Valentine’s Day…and I heard YOU have a secret admirer.

One you’ve been ignoring, rejecting and pushing away because you feel undeserving….

One that wants passionately to be with you and give you EVERYTHING you want.

Want to know the identity of your secret admirer?


You SO belong together. Yet I see so many heart-centered women entrepreneurs who SAY they want a business just not allowing money to come into their lives.

Charging too little, or giving their services away. Ignoring and avoiding their finances. Letting their old f*ed-up money story keep them from the lifestyle and contribution they were meant for. Living in lack and stressing out.

It’s heartbreaking!

That’s why I’m doing something I do only about twice a year, if that. I’m opening up my schedule for a few new private 1-on-1 clients. These are women entrepreneurs who are finally ready to fix their relationship with money once and for all, and make 2013 the year they start receiving the wealth they deserve.

If this sounds like you, I invite you to apply for one of only  7 complimentary “Make Money Love You” private sessions before Feb 12. Click on the link to apply:

In our session we’ll get clear on exactly what you’re doing to block money in your business and your life, and how working with me will help you transform your money story and bank account this year.

I know how to make this transformation – remember, I went from $200 in the bank to 6 figures in less than 9 months!  Once the blocks are gone, you will be on FIRE (and you and money will need to “get a room!” 🙂

Again – these exploratory sessions are complimentary, but they are by application only and only for the first 7 who qualify – meaning you are serious about stepping up NOW.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally let money give you the great big Valentine it’s been wanting to for so long?

Believe me, like any other true love in your life – having it is a LOT better than not having it!

Let me help – apply for a Make Money Love You session while they last.

Abundantly yours,


P.S. Like any other relationship, when you ignore and reject money over and over, it eventually disappears and finds someone else to love! If this is happening to you, you CAN turn it around, and faster than you think, but you can’t do it alone – and you MUST be serious about changing.  If you are, let’s talk. (Remember, you must be one of the first 7 to apply by Feb 12.)

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