I LOVE introducing you to my favorite colleagues and soul sisters. You might already know Christina Morassi from my Hawaiian Mermaid & Dolphin adventure(watch a video below)  and from the pics of us speaking on stage at her off the charts LIVE event this summer.  But if you don’t know her yet….. today is YOUR day!

Christina is the most authentic, fun, down to earth, soulful and loving friend and colleague I know.  We’ve been riding this crazy entrepreneurial wave together for the past 21 months and we lift each other up when we lose sight of how far we’ve come and we take a stand for each other’s greatness. Having a best friend like her has been crucial to my success. She is someone YOU definitely need to know and watch and work with!

Besides being my BFF and go-to-gal, she is a Personal Brand Expert and she has made a joyous, thrilling discovery.  This idea of having to limit yourself to a niche is a MYTH!  And, so she’s hosting an inspiring free call on 9/27 to show you why, called:

“Busting the Niche Myth: Discover the Innovative Way to Blast Your Business Forward Without Leaving a Part of You Behind”

Go here to escape the niche box!

Christina  shows you how you can bring ALL of your talents, passion and life experience into your business, even if they seem unusual, quirky  or even a little “weird”. (After all, SHE has made a nearly half-million dollar business out of being a Shamanic healer-Photographer-Business-Branding  Coach! How cool is that?!)

Go here if you want to use ALL of you in your business:

On this exciting, fun and content-packed call, you’ll discover:

  • The simple step to get clear on what makes you unique and valuable
  • The #1 reason you’re still not attracting clients who are ready to invest with you
  • Why you don’t have to squeeze into a teeny tiny limited box to find your niche
  • 3 ways money will flow to you when you fully express yourself in your business

You will LOVE this call!  I know I will be there with bells on. It’s time for everyone to enjoy creating businesses that showcase their fullest selves.

See you on Thursday!


P.S. This is not to say that traditional niche marketing doesn’t work at ALL – it can, for people who are comfortable with those limitations. But if you have a glorious combination of passions, talents and experience to share, this approach will make you VASTLY more successful in your heart-centered business and so much happier too. If this sounds like you… do NOT miss this call!

About your host, Christina Morassi

Testament to Christina’s phenomenal rise is the success of her first ever live event: Flip Your Switch held in LA in June 2012. Over 100 seats sold out to women (and a few good men!) from across the States, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, and beyond. She went on to sell out her first ever Group Coaching Program: The Confident Business Diva and continued on her own path of growth and expansion with a now infamous trip to Hawaii where she transformed into Christina Mer-assi ~ The Mermaid!

Today Christina is the Ecstatic Brand Mentor who helps women bring together ALL their gifts to attract their ideal high paying clients and sky rocket their business to six figures, just like she did. Christina is a guiding light in The Age of the Personal Brand and has discovered the game changing technique of LIVING On Brand.

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