By Amanda Moxley

Is your environment cluttered with books, papers, magazines, shoes, hats, clothes that are too small or too big, boxes, bags, gadgets, beauty products, supplies, linens, toys, etc? If yes, it’s time to release the old to make space for new possibilities, more money, better body image and physique, improved relationships and all that you desire in life.  Your environment is a reflection of your mind and body. If you are surrounded by clutter how can you think clearly?  There is no room for good things to come to you when your environment is clogged with old stuff you’ve been holding on to forever.  Take a deep breath and let that settle into your cells.

If you want to see results in your weight release goals, bank balance, intimate relationships, spiritual connectivity – ANYTHING –  start by taking action with what immediately surrounds you:  your living space.

Cleanliness, beauty, organization and space are all natural spiritual laws. Look in nature!  Why would you be any different?  It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get some boxes and bags out and start decluttering every area in your home.  If you don’t love it, give it away.  If you haven’t used it in more than 1 year give it away.  If it’s not a level 10, toss it! If it does not absolutely light you up and make you so excited then let it go!

Everything is energy.  According to Feng  Shui everything you own has an invisible string attached to your energy field! Imagine how light you will feel when you choose to release everything that tugs on your energy, everything that is not beautiful, clean and in line with who you are and more importantly where you are headed.

After I had my son and I was birthed into womanhood, my body completely transformed into the body of my dreams. For several months, I held on to the “old Amanda” clothes in fear that my body would go back to what it once was.  I loved my “old” body but I knew that this new leaner, stronger more feminine body is the real, authentic Amanda living her purpose and passion.  It’s like an unveiling occurred when I stepped into my true self. One day I courageously made the decision to let go of the “old” Amanda clothes and consciously committed to nurturing and maintaining this new body.  It’s worth fighting for and I’m not going to give it up because it’s truly an expression of who I really am.

Focus on what you really want, get clear on your goals and where you really want to go in this life, and then take a deep breath and decide to let go of all of the “old you” stuff that is no longer in line with your vision and mission. Once you sever the ties between the old you and make creative, intentional space for the new you to manifest, miracles and magic will occur.

Now, get into action!

Radiantly yours,


Body Transformation Coach

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