What if you knew this moment was the only moment you had?

Many of us are focused on the future and/or living in the past.

The time is NOW.

Today practice living and fully BEING in the present when you eat your food.

When you are fully present with your food, you eat less, taste more and are more apt to listen to your bodies signal of being satiated.

Practice preparing your food mindfully, connecting to the source of the food, imagining who grew your food, harvested it, packaged it, trucked it to your grocery store,the produce person, the checkout person, etc.

Give a silent thank you and a blessing to all of the hands who made your meal possible and you will feel more connected to your food and body.

Chew your food mindfully and release the need to multi task or distract yourself with tv, magazines, the phone etc. Try eating with your spine straight!

Live in the moment and cherish every precious moment you have been given.


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