Want some inspiration to make healthy choices this weekend? Join me at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST/8pm British Standard Time. I want you to be inspired to listen, honor, trust and respect your own beautiful body.

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Healthy Eating and Beyond

21 of the world’s leading health, fitness, food and eating experts (including myself) will reveal secrets, insights and tips to:

  • removing any barriers to your ideal body once and for all
  • understanding the difference between a healthy diet and dieting
  • finding the best eating pattern for you
  • keeping healthy totally naturally – in sickness and in health
  • finding your authentic image – hugely powerful exercises
  • fitting an effective and powerful exercise regime into your busy day
  • getting your kitchen ready for success – set yourself up to win
  • making your hormones work with you – not against you
  • releasing your creativity to boost your vitality
  • eliminate confusion over what foods are good for you
  • really understand what protein, carbs and fats are
  • get a boost of vitality whenever and wherever you need it
  • which foods you really need to eat or avoid as a woman


Some speakers you will know the names of and others normally work more “out of the spotlight” but have been coaxed to take part in this event to add value for you, it is a very impressive line-up.

We’re unveiling “Healthy Eating and Beyond – The Best Vitality Event For Busy Women”

– which provides the ultimate – common sense – solution for a healthy vibrant life for all busy women around the globe!

21 Days 21 Experts FREE! Sign me up for Healthy Eating and Beyond

If you want to eat healthy but are confused about how to start,

if you’ve tried dieting time and again and nothing works, if you’d like to find an exercise regime that really works in your life, if you just want to feel more energetic – and lighter, if you are confused by all the diets in the press and want to know what will work for you, if you already eat healthy but need more inspiration to keep going, if you want to love what you see when you look in the mirror … whatever your situation you will really want to join us and hear these amazing speakers this June.

Take advantage of this opportunity NOW to take your life, your health and your vitality to another level.

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21 Days 21 Experts FREE! Sign me up for Healthy Eating and Beyond


Karen KennabyAbout Your Host, Karen Kennaby:

I love food! In fact I’ve loved food for as long as I can remember. I went to college when I left school to study hotel & catering management and about 70% of our time was focussed on food prep & cooking – learning some of the classics they mention on Masterchef!

I hadn’t cooked professionally for years because I went into hotel management and then set up a conference agency but I’ve retained that love of food – of experimenting, of presenting beautiful food lovingly prepared.

These days my focus is very much on delicious, beautiful and healthy food. For the last 8 years I’ve chosen a low carb diet and maintained my weight all that time – plus no tummy aches, no bloating etc – I love that too!

So, I’ve decided to start sharing that and hence Around the Table with Karen. Its about food…and life, because I believe the two are inexorably linked – Joyful Eating, Joyful Living!

And why Around the Table with Karen? I believe a lot of Life goes on around the table…meaningful one to one conversations, group discussions, interviews, coaching, relationships developing, preparing & sharing food, eating, and more!…sharing love and inspiration. That’s why! Around the Table with Karen covers all this…join me soon.

With love,

Karen Kennaby

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