By Amanda Moxley

Some time ago, I started relating to money as my lover. I would lay in bed and imagine that money really loved me and wanted me. I would fantasize about a strong, dark and handsome man (think James Bond, no offense Johnn/my hubby J) who was just insane about me. He wore gorgeous luxury suits. He smelled amazing. He had the HOTTEST body and was drop dead gorgeous. He was strong and masculine and he was in love with me. All of a sudden, I would feel my root chakra begin to tingle and I felt turned on (sorry if this is TMI but it’s important, I promise).

This image represented the Sacred Masculine. He was fierce, strong, protective and yet very loving and warm and open. He was expansive, generous and giving. And he wanted me.

I envisioned myself as the Divine Feminine. I was relaxed and open to receiving. And at the same time I could be fierce, feisty and feminine. I was open to being held and to being CLAIMED and taken by my man. I didn’t need to be in control. I didn’t need to worry or fret or stress about anything because my man was in charge. Instead, I was free to LEAN BACK, breathe into my belly and be relaxed, happy, beautiful and playful. I could just be ME and he could take care of the rest.

As I am writing it sounded funny at first but now I feel teary about it.

I could actually soften and breathe and be me. I didn’t have to prove anything. I didn’t have to GET anything. I didn’t have to BE anything. I didn’t have to hustle. I didn’t have to over give of myself. I didn’t have to put myself dead last. I didn’t have to do a song and a dance for anyone. I didn’t have to work hard. I didn’t have to sacrifice myself. I didn’t have to do stuff I hated doing. I didn’t have to be stressed out. I didn’t have to ignore my body.

I was that loved. I was that special. I was that worthy of my man’s desire. He loved me so much that he could take care of EVERYTHING for me.

What a freakin’ relief!

Before that it was me against the world. The wind was in my face. I felt like life was against me not FOR me. I felt separate. I felt fear. I felt STRESSED. I felt lack and limitation down to my cells. You get the picture.

But now, I walk a little slower. I breathe a little deeper. I laugh a little longer. I linger a little longer in those sweet moments. I trust. I receive.

So what about you, how can you let money LOVE you more? You see when you are always in control or stressed and in fear about anything how can you let the love in? This energy is totally unattractive and will actually REPEL the very thing that you LONG for.

Your Make Money Want You coaching assignment this week:

1. Lay in bed or on the beach or at the spa and dream about your money lover. See him, smell him, feel him and touch him.

2. Feel your money lover LOVING you! Imagine being claimed, loved and adored by your money lover.

3. Allow the energy to flow through your root chakra so that you actually feel turned on!

4. Journal with, talk to and start relating to your money lover in this way and watch your money inflows increase.

Even if you only do step 1, you will notice a HUGE difference in your relationship with money! Go for it!

Abundantly Yours,


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